Pinterest Fail.

Have you seen this on Pinterest?


I have-and I do did it! I hate mosquitoes.  Wait…is loathe a stronger word than hate?  I loathe…looooooooooathe mosquitoes.  I will get in a car accident fighting to kill one in a moving vehicle.  Okay…I am getting off the subject…

I honestly have no idea if it actually works…but do you wonder why they make the claim?  What the heck is in the dryer sheet that you toss your clothes around with that could repel bugs??

Yep…I Googled it 🙂

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and industry-generated Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) from the 1990s, the following is a list of chemicals in fabric softener products, most in untested combinations. Liquid fabric softeners additionally may contain formaldehyde.

  • Benzyl acetate: Linked to pancreatic cancer.
  • Benzyl Alcohol: Upper respiratory tract irritant.
  • Ethanol: On the EPA’s Hazardous Waste list and can cause central nervous system disorders.
  • Limonene: Known carcinogen.
  • A-Terpineol: Can cause respiratory problems, including fatal edema, and central nervous system damage.
  • Ethyl Acetate: A narcotic on the EPA’s Hazardous Waste list.
  • Camphor: Causes central nervous system disorders.
  • Chloroform: Neurotoxic, anesthetic and carcinogenic.
  • Linalool: A narcotic that causes central nervous system disorders.
  • Pentane: A chemical known to be harmful if inhaled.


There haven’t been a ton of studies done on it…not that it matters…this list is enough for me!  But in this study “Their analysis found more than 25 “volatile” air pollutants – including the carcinogens acetaldehyde and benzene.

Benzene causes leukemia and other blood cancers, according to the American Cancer Society. Acetaldehyde has been shown to cause nasal and throat cancer in animal studies.”


Enter: Norwex to the rescue!

They sell these nifty little things….called dryer balls.


All you do is place both Dryer Balls in your dryer with laundry, and set dryer at desired heat. The unique design of the Dryer Balls lifts and separates laundry while softening fabrics. This reduces drying time, static cling and wrinkles, without chemicals. No need to use fabric softener or dryer sheets AKA carcinogens! Blech!

Okay…but back to mosquitoes…


P.S.  If you do need an all natural mosquito repellent…doTERRA makes a great one (called Terra Shield)! Just sayin’ we have to kill those bastards!


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