Check it Owwwwwwt!

I told you I was going to try out all these products and let you know the ones I would stand behind…Let’s just say I am going to take the Risky out of this Business (wink-wink)

Suffice it to say I am nuts about floors.  We’ll leave it at that…if you know me…please refrain from leaving examples of my neurosis in the comment field of this post.  I said refrain 🙂

I have good reason…

I am NOT saying that if you stopped in my house on a whim that you could eat off my floors but I am saying that when I clean them…I want to CLEAN them…I don’t want to be spreading dirt all over the place. I want them clean…{muffled…like white-glove-inspection-clean…muffled} you didn’t hear that did you?!?

I won’t go into everything I tried…the bottom line is…when I learned of Norwex…their AntiBac stuff…how it cleans…how it SANITIZES itself with the silver embedded in it…and that you. only. use. water.  you. only. use. water. water!  NO CHEMICALS…See my little love bugs hands all over my floor…the other 99% of the time they are in his mouth!

So when I learned that they make a wet mop pad out of the same stuff….I heard a choir singing hallelujah….I may have seen clouds separate in the sky…

I HAD to test it out for myself!

Use the dry superior mop head to get the dirt and debri…


WARNING:  This will make you feel like a janitor-especially if you go in the S-shape pattern like the pro’s do…and it gets kinda fun…seriously.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you…let me know when you’re ready to admit that you had fun…

Then you attach the wet mop head.


Now here again…proof I am going to be honest with you…I don’t like the Norwex pole for this job (however it is great to keep your dry mop head on it)  You have to use water (and water only…Bu-Bye cleaning solutions, Mop N Glo, vinegar…whatevs….bye.) so why wouldn’t you use a spray mop with…um….water?!? Saves you a few trips back and forth to the sink to re-moisten the pad.  I use the Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop (Home Dep., Amazon, Target) stick the Norwex mop pad on it and let the Janitor fun begin!


Here is my sock before…


Now picture Tom Cruise in Risky Business…


And my socks after.  FYI:  You have no idea how long it took me to find 2 matching, clean socks for this experiment.  Laundry is NOT my strong suit!


Guess what?  January’s hostess benefit is the floor system (plus a few other things to boot)!  If you want to get the system for free-ninety-free…host a Norwex party in the month of January!  I will do one more weekday party and I have one weekend date left on the 26th if you want it…let me know quick!  Or feel free to order the system directly from my website.

Happy floor sliding and janitor playing!


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