I was invited to a Norwex party.  You know the parties…

I don’t know about you but I avoid them.

In fact, I am a little skeptical of anyone who sells anything because I fear they are striking up a conversation with me only to hit me with a sales pitch half way through…

So-when I was invited to a Norwex party I was thankful I had a legit excuse not to attend.  Yet, I had never heard of Norwex so what did I do?? I Googled it, of course!

I was intrigued. Impressed.

In fact, I sought out the host of the party after her party and placed an order.

Then…I did the (almost) unthinkable…I ASKED to host a party!  I had to see all the products demo’d for myself!  After I saw all the products demo’d for myself…

I did THE unthinkable….I became a consultant!!!!!! Yep-pigs are-a-flyin’!

But, my hope is, in being that brutally honest about my reservation…you know you can take my word for it.  I would NOT sell something I couldn’t stand behind.  I am NOT going to “sell” anything or try to “pitch” you.  I wholeheartedly believe it sells itself. I love this stuff, use it in my own home and want to share it with you and make it easily available to you.

It was the microfiber cloths and silver that sold me…but at my party I learned about the laundry detergent.  They claim it cleans better, and “green” with no fillers….apparently companies are allowed to add a ton of fillers to your box of laundry detergent (cement, saw dust, etc.) to save THEM money and fill your box up!  Who knew?!?  Anyway…not Norwex.

See the sludge at the bottom of a certain “free and clear” brand….heck, it doesn’t even look clear! I left this test here all day and all that stuff on the bottom never dissolved.  Ick.  Imagine what’s on our clothes!!


Here’s my homemade detergent….won’t be making this again…


Here’s Norwex. Ahhhh, much nicer…


Ya, ya, I have tried those “green” detergents before too!  They SUCK!  So I was like…I’m trying it for myself before I buy…so I did…

As I began my little experiment…Mike (hubby) asked, “What are you going to do if the “Brand Name” comes out better?”

I said, “I won’t stand behind the laundry detergent!”

“So you won’t sell Norwex anymore?”

“I will only recommend the products I can stand by! I will show people how it works in comparison and they can choose for themselves if it is more important for them to fight stains and clean better or be “green” and filler free”.


Carrots.  Dang carrots! Just this morning I tossed this onesie in the garbage.  It had already been washed and dried…and stained forever…or…Maybe…just maybe Norwex can save it…could it??


I also grabbed 3 white placemats and hit it with carrots, of course….ketchup and wine.



IMG_0101Since I couldn’t wash them all at the same time-and I wanted to play fair…I rinsed them all out in cold water first.


I put a dollop of the dishwashing liquid to pre-treat the stains on one of the placemats


and I simply rubbed it together with my thumbs (my daughter painted my nails…don’t judge ;))


I washed the store brand one first…to give it a head start 🙂 but as suspected…Norwex cleans better!




Plus…it is “green”, filler-free and unscented.  It will not leave residue on your clothes which can be a cause for dry, itchy skin, psoriasis and eczema.   See why I just had to tell you about this stuff???

You can buy a bag of the laundry detergent here!  Since you will be using it over and over again…I will give you 20% off your future purchases!

The stain treatment is actually the dishwashing liquid ($6.99) NOT the laundry pre-wash ($27.99)!  We found that actually worked the same or better!  Seeeeeee I told you I was going to be honest with you….that alone just saved you over $20.00! Score! And I just learned that if you have an HE washing machine…you only use 1 teaspoon of the detergent! For this experiment though…I used full dosage of both brands.

If you’d like to talk about these products more or learn about others just shoot me a message and I can tell you what I’ve tried, tested and love! Thanks for letting me share this with you!!

And for those of you who are reading this blog thinking I have waaaaaay too much time on my hands and should get a job (uh-hem…LP :)) I. just. did.  Thanks for your support 🙂

Oh…and as for the onesie….

Saved! Thanks to the dishwashing liquid!



2 Comments on “Tried…Tested…True!”

  1. carrie says:

    3 things….1. you are so uniquely amazing. You have been quick, crafty and very clever for as long as I have known you, only YOU would take that kind of time and dedication to PROVE A POINT….2. I am glad I have known you over 20 years now (its been so much fun and continues to be :)….3. you need some Jamberry on those nails mama 😉

  2. Ann B. says:

    Rechel,  you are so talented.  You should write for a magazine!  Your blog entry is VERY impressive!


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