Usually our night goes like this:

After dinner…we divide and conquer.

I take Caleb up for a bath and Mike bathes Jackson and Ally.

I would lay down with Caleb and nurse him and have to lay there with him and continue to nurse him all.night.long.  seriously.

The doc asked me to feed him regular formula only to measure how much he actually eats throughout the night (versus me just allowing him to nurse while I continued to snooze…which has been what has kept me sane) and he literally ate all night long…22 ounces over 12 hours.

Anyway…my point…


Usually Mike goes back down with our teeth-brushed, hair combed, bathed, jammie wearin’ kids and watches a movie with them, reads to them, prays with them and tucks them into bed.  I run in and give them a quick hug and kiss.

Tonight was different.

Caleb had his first night of the protein-free formula and I have never ever seen him eat/digest something with such ease. He has been sleeping ever since…

I came downstairs with the rest of the gang at 7:30 pm and immediately had a little girl asking me to hold her and a six year old boy asking if we could “snuggle bug” on the couch…something he stopped doing on his own awhile ago but apparently missed.


2 Comments on “Usually”

  1. Heidi Hollenbach says:

    Every older sibling deserves a moment to a snuggle with mommy :), and we need it, too! Nothing like a hug and kiss from one of the kids to remind us how much we love them. I KNOW how much time the newborns take…don’t know how you are getting much else done these days! I am so thankful to hear that Caleb took to the new formula. Prayers that he continues to digest it well and there is some relief for all of you! Sending love your way! 🙂

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