Losin’ It.

As if I didn’t have enough going on in the Buck household…we got goats!

It all started off very, very innocent.

Each week we go to the farm to pick up a Harvest Box of seasonal fruits & veggies.  The kids come and we get to see the animals and learn a little about where food comes from. And she lets me pick the wild flowers…


One Tuesday we went and learned the goat had babies…so of course we ohhhhhh’d and awwwww’d at them and pretended to agree with the kids when they innocently dreamed of having them as pets.

Then the farmer pointed to a lady working and said “she is working off some goats”…and then I got the idea that the kids and I could just come work the farm to learn a thing or two in exchange for farm fresh milk and eggs.  Not goats. She agreed.  We were to return to the farm on Friday and the kids would learn about the animals and how to care for them…kinda like our mini-version of 4H.

Friday was fun and great and the kids said they wanted to have that job until they died 🙂 (Remember when you were a kid and couldn’t wait to get a job! HA! silly kids :))

But then on Sunday she called and asked if we would be interested in taking care of the babies…from our house…WHAT?  Mike is gonna kill me!

“well…we do have a playhouse they could live in.” and

“they have to be easier to feed than Caleb.” 🙂 So off to the farm we went to pick up a couple more Bucks…I mean goats…

and now I would like to introduce you to Queen Piper Sweetie…AKA “Sweetie” <—-clearly Ally’s 🙂

and….King Poe “Poe”. <—-Jackson’s.

So in case you have been following the Caleb updates and questioning if I was losing my mind…I just wanted to show you that yes, indeed I am. 

Hopefully we will keep them alive longer than the lizard….


One Comment on “Losin’ It.”

  1. Heidi Hollenbach says:

    Those goats are absolutely the most adorable that I have seen! I can understand your momentary lapse of sanity :). Hopefully, the goats will give you and the kids a much needed reason to smile in the midst of uncertainty. I know when I show Andrew these pics, he will be JEALOUS!! Our only pets right now are miniscule “sea monsters” (aka. tadpole shrimp) and a plastic dinosaur that is growing in a water tub. Jed and I are saying “no” to pets until the twins are potty trained :). Tell Mike if he needs a respite from the goats, he can bring them to KC for a visit, but only if he brings the kids along, too :)…we’ll take care of them all for a week! Love to you all!!! Heidi

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