A New Perspective

My resistance to formula has never been because I think formula is bad for a kid or unhealthy or that breast-fed kids are smarter or whatever the claims are (Jackson was only BF for 3 months…Ally for 11 months…and I know I am biased but Jackson is a super smart, naturally athletic, coordinated, too-smart for my his own good kid.)  I never ever cared about those “studies”.  Breastfeeding is natural, and good for both mom and baby and something that feels very right and natural to me and has always been a super sweet experience.  In fact…God used a nursing session with Jackson to bring me to church 6 + years ago. It is precious time to me. And more importantly…”they” say the best thing I can do for the conditions he has is to breastfeed him…even if it did make him feel lousy. In the long run…it would be the best thing to help him.  Ahhhhh the inner struggle began!

Confession:  I would be lying by omission if I didn’t say I wanted to be Caleb’s hero.  I wanted to figure this out.  To know it all.  To tell the doctors I got to the bottom of it.  To heal my son’s GERD with my super breast milk powers.  I found out that I don’t know it all…I can’t do it and it turns out I don’t have super powers either.  Buuuuut let’s not dwell on that topic any longer 🙂

Caleb is doing marvelously on this hypoallergenic formula.  His mamma is struggling 😦 When he woke up to eat in the middle of the night and resisted the bottle…rooting for me…I cried and I am crying as I write that 😦 so off I went yesterday on another hunch on how to solve this…and left with $100 more in stronger probiotics, a cleanse to rid my body of yeast produced by all the antibiotics I took during and after labor and and and…and then I saw my baby smile in his sleep last night and remembered why I gave up on all this…and realized I need to start saying different things to myself…think of this differently…and I had to include all the seemingly trivial things too 🙂

Ten Reasons I Hate Formula     Ten Reasons I Love Formula

I would never remember to pack a bottle, formula and water when I leave the house.  I guess as long as I don’t forget a kid…we can figure out anything else 🙂

I cannot possibly stay awake long enough for him to finish a bottle in the middle of the night.  We missed church yesterday because Caleb slept ALL morning long!  He is getting the much-needed sleep HE needs and I can spend some quality time with my other kiddos.

Oh the smell of this hypoallergenic stuff and the diapers it makes! Blech! He might smell but he is happy and the whole family is enjoying him and I am not spending my morning walking him in a Moby wrap up and down the street in the 100 degree heat trying to soothe him and get him to sleep.  Smell?  What smell?  It is better than sweat, I s’pose.

This stuff costs around $500.00 a month. This stuff costs around $500.00 per month.  Just gonna have to suck that one up!

Losing that unique bonding time of nursing time that is so, so very sweet.   I discovered last night that (when not uncomfortable) he smiles and laughs in his sleep.  I may have never known this!

They all say breast milk is best for GERD and an underdeveloped system and although it causes him gas and pain…it is the best thing I can do for him.  Caleb’s health has ALWAYS been and will always be in God’s hands not mine!

This is him…passed-out…like baby drunk on formula still drooling out of him mouth 🙂


One Comment on “A New Perspective”

  1. Ann says:

    Oh…he is O-U-T! Good to see. Take it easy on yourself Mom. You did the right thing!

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