No Pets Allowed!

Jackson caught his first lizard today!  He was so excited-he burst in the room where I was rocking Caleb with so much excitement I couldn’t stand to shhhh him. He was so proud to show me…and in these moments…I get goosebumps at the absolute privilege it is to raise a boy…I am so excited for all the things to come but in this instance…I had to let him down gently because Mike and I each have a rule about pets:

Mine: If it requires live food….nope!

Dad’s: If it poops…nope!

So we told him he could keep it in its container for the day but then he’d have to set it free. He already named him “Special”.

When the time came he took it outside and then came back in moments later with it on his finger.  His chin was (almost) at a quiver and he said “Mom, he doesn’t want to go. He loves me.”

Mike, Jackson, Ally and Special are at Petsmart buying crickets, ants, 1 UV lamp, 1 heat lamp and an aquarium.

How many times does a boy catch his first lizard?

’nuff said.

Welcome to the family, Special 🙂


One Comment on “No Pets Allowed!”

  1. Pam Gifford says:

    Ya for Jackson! When Mike was about the same age he brought me a bucket of baby ground moles and also thought he was going to keep them inside! Aunt Pam

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