Poor Baby

After I made this post on facebook yesterday:

My poor little baby had an X-Ray today and they saw a cloud covering his entire abdomen…A big, huge gas bubble taking over his tummy. Poor baby…no wonder he is screaming all day 😦 buuuuut here’s another picture of how stinkin’ cute he is 🙂 lol

I had bought some California Baby Calming Lotion to massage his tummy and decided to give it a go-

Then I thought I’d try to burp him…

and as soon as I did…he spit up…and it had blood in it.

I will admit…I freaked!  Mike was flying…I had Jackson and Ally with me…I freaked…I called 9-1-1.

While I was on the phone with them…Caleb went still and changed a different color…then he coughed and spit up with blood and mucus again.

The paramedics arrived at the same time the babysitter down the street came (God bless the Andreoni’s for being there for us!!).  They said it was clear he went without oxygen and they took us to Presbyterian Pediatric ICU via ambulance.  Caleb had not stopped screaming all day until his ride in the ambulance 🙂 The tape is holding an oxygen mask in front of his face.  The mask didn’t fit his face and it was so sweet to see the paramedic, without second thought, cut it to pieces to get it down to size.  It was precious and I knew someday I’d want to remember this…so I snuck a couple pics 🙂 shocking 🙂

We got tot he hospital and have been here ever since…

In short…here is what we know so far…

They have him on a heart monitor and he stops breathing as a “survival technique” because he has severe acid reflux.   The acid reflux has been causing him such pain that he either burst a vessel from the non-stop screaming this past week or from damage to his esophagus that he had blood in his spit up.  Now I know why I haven’t been able to put him down without him screaming bloody murder this past week.

Another way that they try to self soothe the acid is from eating…and eating…and eating…and that is exactly what he has been doing since birth.  He has gained 3 lbs (2 is normal by 4 weeks)!  But here’s the problem…he’s not really hungry and his body hasn’t digested the previous meal before we pile on another…hence the big ol’ gas bubble covering his abdomen!  Theeeeeeen he has nursed so much it has sent my body into over production causing “overactive let down” so he is getting too much, too fast…when he really shouldn’t be having any at all….so he swallows too much, too hard, too fast and it is so painful and triggers the acid reflux and so then he wants to eat again.  So this is the vicious cycle we have been unknowingly putting him through for the past week.

For now…I am removing some of my milk and then feeding him..he has to remain upright at.  all.  times or he stops breathing…which he did all night…sounding the alarm…all night (yaaaaaaaaawn) and he has to learn to love his pacifier a lot more so he can suck that to keep the acid down. He still prefers to eat and he is very frustrated that we are trying to delay it…giving him another reason to scream 😦  This is so overwhelming for us both 😦

He just started taking some meds to help, too…should kick in ‘n a few days…

Since he has to remain upright at all times…can I just say I heart you Moby Wrap…I heart you!!!

He liver enzymes are high and they are unsure why…(go figure) but the ultrasound on his liver was fine. We are waiting on a GI specialist in the morning.

He still cries non-stop when he is awake but I am  hoping we are on the upside of this hill.  I must admit (and I hate to because it is not hard to look around at the other babies on this floor and count my blessings) this has overwhelmed me.  I am on no sleep and holding a fussy baby upright for long periods of time is frustrating no matter how cute they are.  Although I can’t get sleep here…the thought of being home, trying to help him and be with my 2 other ones…it just overwhelms me.  The relentless screaming, knowing he is pain and I can’t take it away overwhelms me…I know I have so much to  be grateful for…I never forget it…but no matter how simple or complicated the reason…when your child is in pain and you can’t take it away…it is hard.  I am sooooooo glad we have at least one answer to what has been going on.


3 Comments on “Poor Baby”

  1. My heart is breaking for you, friend. My tears are falling for you. Can’t imagine going through that with my little man. Praying ferventely for you!! Hugs to you both. You are an AMAZING mom and that little guy is beyond blessed to have you there with him doing everything you can to help him. I know I’m not close but if there is ANYTHING I can do for you please tell me. xoxo

  2. Martha Schilling says:

    ARRRGGG! I’m so sorry I had no idea this was going on! I AM close so ANYTHING I can do just name it and you got it!!! Seriously – call me day or night (221-3392).

  3. Heidi Hollenbach says:

    I am SO, SO sorry to hear how tough this week has been for you and that you are in the hospital with your poor little Caleb! I am in tears for you…I can imagine how tired and overwhelmed you feel!! As a mom, you just want to feed him and let him sleep peacefully–so sorry it has been so complicated! I am so glad that you are getting some answers and have some help taking care of him now. I will be praying for you, as you wait it out and for the kids, as Mike and others care for them. I pray that this will be taken care of SOON and you can go home in peace! I love you and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Please keep us posted. And…when Caleb is sleeping, he is pretty stinkin’ cute…a precious little guy! Praying he gets to sleep more and scream less a bit more each moment. Much love! P.S. I can attest that, if you love your little ones with all your heart (which I KNOW you do), your body and mind will withstand amazing amounts of stress…you will get through this and you will be OK, although it really sucks right now, I know!

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