The Stump

We thought between Jackson and Ally-it would be Ally who would be in love with her baby brother, smothering him, wanting to hold him, snuggle him, be all over him!  In fact…we envisioned this so much we were a little worried that Caleb would never walk because Ally would probably just carry him around everywhere!

So-we were a bit surprised when Ally came in to the hospital to see him and wanted ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with him.  She peaked at him and then went over by the chair that daddies get to sleep on-but instead of laying on the bench-she laid on the floor.  She was ghost white!

Throughout the next day-by little things here and there that she said-we discovered it was his umbilical cord stump, the droplet of blood left behind on his heel after his circumcision and the big ‘ol bag of blood dangling from my bed as I received my blood transfusion that FREAKED HER OUT!!!! Yes-yes-you’d think her parents would have thought of this but we didn’t 😦

Anyway…after we wiped the blood off his foot and I received all the blood I needed…there was only one thing left….the STUMP!

Our first night home, Caleb had on a little onesie and it was covered-so she got a little more acquainted with him but reluctantly asked “Is that thing still there under his clothes?” I told her that it was but it would fall off soon. We had already explained what it was and how harmless it is. She didn’t care. It was still there! But she will hold him, pet him and kiss him as long as it’s covered.

So we said our good-nights from my bed and she gave Caleb and I hugs and kisses and trotted off to her room for Daddy to tuck her in…

She began to cry.

“I want to sleep with Mommy like Caleb!”

Mike said something along the lines of “oh honey you can’t…Caleb wakes up a lot and that’s why he needs to be in with Mommy.”

and she wasn’t having it…she was jealous.

So…Mike did what any good dad would do and said….

“Okay honey…you can go sleep with Mommy if you want buuuuuuut the Stump may fall off tonight”

And she continued straight on to her room!


2 Comments on “The Stump”

  1. Anita Suazo says:

    GREAT story! GO DAD! Way to think on the fly! Well, this is his THIRD rodeo, after all. He’s a PRO!

  2. Heidi Hollenbach says:

    I LOVE this photo of Ally! What a pround big sister! Yeah, we have to be creative in parenting our kids, don’t we? 🙂

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