Princess Ally

I begged God for this little girl and He, in all of His perfection, created this little Sparkleberry!

I cannot believe she turned 4 today!

I remember the very first words I said to her…as soon as they placed her in my arms…was “I wanted you so bad.” She was and still is one of the greatest desires of my heart and there are some days that I feel like I can just look at her and feel my heart rip a little as it grows to hold the more and more and more love I have for her!

As her baby brother is about to arrive…we decided to go all-out ~GIRLY~ for her 4-year old birthday and have a Princess Party!

We turned this place GIRLY!

~Girly Decor~

~Girly Food~

~Girly Clothes~

The Princesses had a choice to come dressed as their favorite princess or to borrow something from Ally’s Princess Wardrobe.

Ally’s mommy stood outside the Halloween store the day after Halloween last year to get her some of the most elaborate, detailed princess dresses for Christmas at 50% off and so naturally, she chose to wear a very plain, simple Snow White dress-This is where mommy had to remember it is *her* day 🙂

Check out Angelbabes Tutus for DIY No-Sew tutu instructions, other amazing costumes or to purchase tulle or those adorable lacey crowns!

Then they got to pick out their jewels (purchased at the Dollar Tree for…uh $1.00 🙂 which they wore home as party favors)….

And then….Cinderella arrived! <—-When you are 39 weeks pregnant…you can justify hiring a princess to help you!!

And they had an Enchanted Storytime~

And she taught them some princessy etiquette like waving, bowing and essential manners…

Ally looooooooved learning to bow!

And then after a few games…

She did their makeup!

While a Princess was getting her make up done…the other Princesses were painting and decorating a picture frame to take home with them.  Each Princess had their picture taken individually with Cinderella to fill the frame!

And what would a Princess Party be without the bubbly 🙂 and cupcakes….with tiaras, of course 🙂

Cheers!! Happy, Happy Birthday Princess Ally!!


5 Comments on “Princess Ally”

  1. tutuqueen says:

    Oh, everything looks so wonderful! You did a great job! I would have liked to see pregger Snow White reading a story!

  2. Ann says:

    I am just blown away at the beautiful details you give. Your creative mind, your selflessness and the joy that you give. I wish I were a little girl again, and come to Ally’s party. HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY ALLY!! Grammy loves you and your mommy too!

  3. Heidi Hollenbach says:

    I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED seeing the photos of Ally’s party! Happy Birthday, Ally–we were thinking of you yesterday!! Ally is SO blessed to have such a fun-loving mom! Those little girls were in heaven for a day! I have not been a fan of “princess play”, but I have to tell you that the quote you included by Leslie Ludy has changed my mind completely. What a beautiful reminder that we are daughters of our King. Praying for you as you anticipate Caleb’s arrival. Can’t wait!

  4. Sheila Banks says:

    Ally is truly a blessed little girl to have you for her mom. Her party was beautiful and every detail was perfect.

  5. Bonnie Buck says:

    Rechel, wow is the only thing that keeps coming to mind. You do such a wonderful job with your kids and everyone elses too. The pictures were beautiful, you are beautiful, the kids are beautiful. Happy Happy Birthday Princess Ally. Grammy loves all of you.

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