Sweet Memory

Yesterday around 4pm as I was driving the carpool home from school…I began to experience contractions again.  Didn’t think much of it (except that I maybe shouldn’t be driving a car full of kids :)) but by the time I got home…I realized they were happening frequently and thought I’d better time them.  For the next 2 hours they were consistently 3-4 min. apart.  Due to a condition called Group B (which I have) I have to go to the hospital at the onset of labor and receive 2 rounds of antibiotics 4 hours apart.  So, although I refused to get my hopes up that “this could be it”…I called my midwife to see what she wanted me to do.  She said to wait until they got so painful that I couldn’t walk or talk (they never did and by 10pm it was all over).

But awwwwww how her last sentence brought back one of the best memories!

Rewind 6 years ago and I am in EXCRUCIATING pain/labor with Jackson and I have been told to walk the halls of the hospital.  Tucson Medical Center.  <—-aka kinda old and gross 🙂

Every time I had a contraction I could not stand…I HAD to lay down.   Anyone who has endured this pain and child-birth knows that most “goes out the window” when you’re in this situation…you don’t care about much….

except I did….a dirty floor!

I couldn’t help it…I thought about how dirty they must be and at the same moment, I saw a long, black hair on the floor and I just burst into tears and said “I can’t do this!”

Right then, without hesitation…Mike got down on the floor, lied down and said “lay on me!”

‘as my man!



One Comment on “Sweet Memory”

  1. Ann says:

    Hunky muscle man!!

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