7 years ago…

Seeing that this is our 7 year anniversary weekend…and I am pregnant (again :)) and sappy and nostalgic…and bored…I thought I would share my Wedding Rehearsal Speech with you…’cos I thought it was pretty cute 🙂

It’s hard to believe the day is almost here when “I’m Mrs. Buck!” is what I’ll cheer!!

So thank you Mom for creating me ‘cos without me…none of this would be.

For every day you showed me love…you taught it to me and now I can offer it to He.

I am everything I am because you loved me.

Thank you Dad and those above for blessing me with something even my dreams could never foresee…a man so perfect and made just for me.

I thank God, Tammy, the Bucks and the Gliecos too…my life has been blessed because they created you.

You all did your part and then you worked together to raise the man I get to love forever!

A gift from God, Mike, is what you are…and I will never stop thanking my lucky star.

I stand here today and promise to do all the greatest things in love that they could wish for you!

My sister always said someday I would find just the right one with my heart in mind.

“Made for you is what he will be”-you were right all along, Sis….lucky, lucky me!

Jim and Lora, you opened your hearts and welcomed me in your family.

You showed me a marriage that all of them should be!

To Kir and my Sister I am so sincere…you are so excited for the day I hold so dear.

To make this day perfect you did so much for me and I am as grateful as can be!

You went beyond duty of sister and friend…I have the best bridal party an angel could send.

Em and Kels that means you too!  It was when I was your age that I knew…that you’d be standing in these shoes…right beside me to see me through!

Kim, Jinny and Steve…you too…I thank you for wedding showers, Thanksgiving dinners and all you do.  Steve, it was an honor to me when you sat Mike down and gave him the 3rd degree.  Both you and Jinny have been a blessing to me…It shines so bright in my heart…I hope you see!

Thank you to all my friends and the love you have given me.  There is no doubt in my mind Mike and I will live happily!

You all did so much in a very unique way…Thank you for being here today!


2 Comments on “7 years ago…”

  1. Kerry says:

    Awwww…how sweet!! Happy Anniversary!!!

  2. okay…crying right now, I didn’t get to hear it, beautiful Rechel… love you guys, happy anniversary!

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