Jackson’s Big 6 Obstacle Course Birthday Party

Welllllll-when the doc said to “take it easy” I said “starting Monday”…okay so I miiiiight not have said that out loud but I am suuuuuure he knew I had an all-boy-drop-your 16-six-year-olds-off-obstacle-course-birthday party planned!

On your mark…Get set….Go!

{Sound the Air Horn!}

Obstacle Challenge #1 {String Trap}

Obstacle Challenge #2 {Run the Ladder Rungs}

Obstacle Challenge #3 {Balloon Crawl}

Obstacle Challenge #4 {Potato Sack Hop}

Obstacle Challenge #5 {Climb Up-Over-Down the Crazy Ladder}

Obstacle Challenge #6 {Cone Run}

{Run for the Finish Line!}

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ AWARD CEREMONY~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


{and some boys will always be boys}

{Happy Birthday to You, baby!}

{THANK YOU! For all the wonderful gifts!!}

**Thank you, Cade for this wonderful gift…we are sorry you missed the party!!!!**

{Have Fun-Go Mad}

Remember this one from when she was one??

{Someone needed a break from all these boys!}

{Just some funny out takes :)}

~Toward the end of the party-as people were coming to pick up their kiddos-I was like “Where’s Mike?”  BUSTED!  Sitting in the new mini van!! He *might* love it more than I do!~

Went to clean up and say good-bye to final guest and realized *this* was the note Mike had hanging on the front door for the party…uhhhhh no comment 🙂


6 Comments on “Jackson’s Big 6 Obstacle Course Birthday Party”

  1. Kimberly says:

    Looks like a great party!! Glad the snow stopped!

  2. Traci says:

    That looked like an awesome party!! Great job!

  3. Ann says:

    What a great party! Looks like everyone had so much fun. I love the cookies! GREAT JOB MIKE AND RECHEL!!! HAPPY 6th BIRTHDAY TO JACKSON!

  4. Tammy Young says:

    Looks like a wonderful party. You should be a party planner! I bet everyone had a blast!

  5. Debe Hahn says:

    I had a blast just looking at the pictures…so I know that Jackson and his friends had the best time ever. Now Rechel, you gets two days off for good behavior..Use them wisely.

  6. I am not sure who had the best time, the kids or the adults….great job on a priceless time Rechel. Your family is wonderful and it is a joy to behold.

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