Crafty Table How-To

So as you already know…I homeschool two days a week.

We tried using the playroom as a school room…nope.

We tried using the kitchen table as a school room…ehhh…didn’t last long

I hauled the kids table up to the loft where it is bright and airy and…perfect.

We’ve been up there for 2 weeks now and I finally figure out it is our teeny, tiny table that is so uncomfortable.  It is only about 23″ in width….so try putting a kid on either side with their 11″ paper and you’ve got bickering.  Then try to add my materials and a bucket of pencils and we were out of room, cramped and uncomfortable.

I loved the Land of Nod Elementary Table….but at 48×27 (I mean lets face it…we’ve got another kid on the way and it needs to be big if we’re doing a new table)

Plus it’s sold out and back ordered…and I don’t want to wait

Plus it’s $279.00 plus about $79 more in shipping

Buuuuut I did find plans to build-my-own on this BRILLIANT woman’s blog

Yet-her plans were for an even smaller table

and my hubby is just not into these kind of things

and his Honey-Do list is really long as is and…well, let’s just say they don’t get checked off very quickly…I’m going to just stop there 🙂

Anyway…in true Rechel fashion…I began Googling and Pinteresting ideas….and voila!

Take 2 of these

Assemble and turn it on its side….Now you have a 24 1/2″H x 36″ W base

Go to Home Depot and get one of these doors

Because….it is exactly 36″  perrrrrrrfect!! And the best part…it is EIGHTY inches long!!

Get a can of paint and paint the top of the door and buy some of these…

Oh wait….I was juuuuuuuuust thinking how cute and fun it would be to use tint-able chalkboard paint

Oh…use some L-Brackets to screw the door on the cubbies (underneath)


VOILA!  A ginormous table (well…36″ x 80″ is big enough for us and 4 chairs!)

And another “best” part….if we keep this around long enough for the kids to grow out of…you can simply add another stackable row of 3 cubbies to add another 12″

Or….if your kids, tweens or teens are already big enough…get the 9 cube cubby…

(This Thrifty Chick above….actually blogged about it this morning…after we finished ours last night and I thought how nice of her to share! I should do the same…so hence the blog 🙂 plus it is super cute so I am sorta braggin’ too but sorta not because it was not my idea…at all.  Love you, Martha Stewart!)

Okay so one more “best” part….you know those really little “kid” chairs that normally come with or accompany the kids tables I was on the hunt for…well…we have them…and they are not comfortable for a 6 1/2 month pregnant person and frankly my (almost) 6-year-old hates them, too.

Just to give us something to sit on…I lugged some IKEA chairs I had downstairs to see if they’d work and they are the PERFECT height for the kids to sit comfortably and I can even fit my legs under the table while still sitting on a human chair.

But basically any 35″ H chair or less…(you can totally use kid chairs) will do.

I found this set of 2 at Wally Mart for under $80

Okay and the final “best” part:

Stackable Cubbies $35 x2 = $70.00

Door $30.00 (although if you have an old door or counter top remnant…you can make it free-ninety-free!)

I bought 6 fabric storage cubbies @ $6.00 each = $36.00

Quart o’ paint…$15 ish?

About $150 bucks for a customized, HUGE, super cute table….


3 Comments on “Crafty Table How-To”

  1. Jenn Box says:

    Okay, you HAVE to come over soon! Well, we don’t have room now, but I just may have to “steal” that in the near future. That is great-I can’t wait to see it.

  2. Sayra says:

    LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Ann Bartholomew says:

    I love the way you think “outside the box”…or “table”

    I love you! Thanks for sharing.

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