1/1,000,000 reasons I love Oak Grove

At Jackson’s School…Oak Grove Classical Academy, he goes to school 2 days a week, is home-schooled 2 days a week and has a 4 day weekend every week.  It’s awesome!  It’s like we have all day to his homework from the day before.  I can’t imagine how exasperated he would be if he had to go to school all day and then come home and squeeeeeeeze in homework.  I can’t imagine how little family time & play time we’d have…but this way…we have all day and we can make it as fun as we want. Although, honestly there are days I clench my jaw, pray for patience and get done with school work as fast as I can and then send the kid outside to play…away from me 🙂 But even on the tough days….I am so very, very grateful for this unique school and there are so many people behind the school that have made this gift possible.  If you read this…thank you!

One of the great advantages is that we all work together and also get to communicate with other parents and share ideas….

They are studying Japan in Kinderculture.  Myyyyyyyyyyyy idea was to go to Pei Wei for lunch 🙂 Turns out…that’s not Japanese.  So today I looked up the Japanese Kitchen (that had to be Japanese!) and was going to take the kids there for lunch. I figured they’d get a kick out of that flame-throwin’ action.  Then I checked the bank account and decided we should not go 🙂

The kids were all excited for our Japanese meal so I had to do something.  One of the other moms (thank you Lindsay!!) had said she made Japanese meatballs so I Googled that and found a simple recipe that sounded kid-friendly.

I Googled a “Japanese beverage” and found Shochu Watermelon Lemonade.  We left out the Shochu (alcohol) 🙂

We made paper lanterns and hung them from the chandelier.  Mike randomly taught the kids how to make origami birds last week (show off!) and it turns out origami is Japanese too, so we included them in our party decor 🙂

See…we have so much culture going on in the Buck Household and we didn’t even know it!!

The kids said “This is the best dinner ever!” before they even tasted a bite!  It was just fun!

Dad liked the meatballs…a lot!

Pardon the lack of reverence in taking pictures during prayer but sometimes I can’t resist snapping a pic of those little hands folded, giving thanks…

Ally thanks God for her food, the ABC’s and for God protecting her from rain and thunder.

Jackson always thanks God for his food, for keeping us safe and prays for the kids that don’t have food.  It is precious.

And what is even better…he’ll return to school tomorrow and his class will pray for the people of Japan…together.

I am so grateful for this school, the cooperative efforts of the Board, the teachers, the moms, the staff and the students for making this such a great experience for our family!  I am so excited for Ally to be a little Oak Grove Prep Owl in August!!!


One Comment on “1/1,000,000 reasons I love Oak Grove”

  1. You are a super-mom! Seriously? I should’ve sent Judah to your house…he’s missing out on all the extra fun stuff you come up with. 🙂 Thank you for your kind words. It is truly so encouraging!

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