Alert Alert Alert Public Health Announcement

Okay I just wanted to sound official but remember…I am not a doctor…

Having said that…I wanted to share something with you that doctors don’t seem to be aware of.

The summer Ally turned 2 (and she was just learning to go #2 in the “potty”) she started “holding herself” and would not go #2.  She would dance around and cry.  You could tell she neeeeeeeded to go but wouldn’t.

Soooooo we took her to the doctor.

“This is a common reaction when potty training…give it some time.”

Time healed nothing…she would scream in agony when she would have no choice but to go

We took her back

“She’s scared so she holds it for so long it causes constipation which makes it painful…then it’s painful so she holds it again and the cycle continues…we’ll put her on a laxative.”

Yep, my two-year old on a daily, regular laxative…something didn’t seem right.

So then we were essentially forcing her to go by giving her this medication and she would tremble and look at me with fear in her eyes as she would go.  I KNEW something was wrong and got authorization to see a new doctor.

4 months we had been enduring this…trying laxatives, suppositories, etc.

We went to the new doctor and described what was going on.  He asked if he could look at her bottom and immediately said “I’d like to test her for strep”

“HUH? STREP?  Down there?”

(It’s scientific name is Perianal Streptococcal Dermatitis and it is often misdiagnosed!)

Just like that cotton swap they take to your throat…they swab “down there” and it immediately turned positive.

I have never had strep throat but I hear it is miserable and insanely painful.  Can you imagine “down there”?  Then to think we were forcing her to go…ugh! 😦 so sad to think…and the doctor told us she had to be in an incredible amount of pain.  He said most doctors don’t even know about it.

So today…I feel the need to write this because I went to a friend’s house for lunch and her son was expressing that he had to go #2 and was screaming in pain at the mere idea of having to go. He is two…he is in the potty training process…his doc has him on laxatives and suppositories…and he was still in excruciating pain.  I told her about Ally.  She took him to the doctor today and they said they have never heard of it or tested for it.  She insisted and it was positive.

So I am telling you since many just don’t seem to know yet.  Even if you Google it…there is just not a lot out there about it but within 12 hours of antibiotics…my baby girl was a happy camper and when the symptoms returned a few months later we were able to treat it immediately.  I am unsure what causes it and it hasn’t occurred again but I know what to look for when it does and can get her treatment and I wanted you to be able to do the same thing.

I hope this helps you or someone you know down the road.



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