Thank You

Although it hasn’t been long at all since my last post…I couldn’t wait another moment to say thank you.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Seriously, the night before last, as I was getting ready for bed-I found myself in tears and overwhelmed-but not with feelings you might imagine or expect-but a feeling of overwhelming, undeserved love.  I went to bed with so much gratefulness that I was literally crying tears of joy.  The next day I know Mike and I would both say we just felt peace.  Not peace in knowing everything will  be okay…we still have no idea…but Peace.  The kind of peace that can only come from God.  There is no doubt you are praying.  We can truly feel it.  And for that I had to write immediately to say thank you.  I read your comments and commitments to pray…a lot from some unexpected people that I can only, once again, accredit to God for putting in my life for such a time as this.  I sit here with tears once more…overwhelmed by the love that God has surrounded us in with you.  Thank you.

I should also share that I showed up to my doctors appointment the next day…45 min early (thinking I was on time) and in my pajamas…annnnnnnd 1lb of chocolate is “missing” in my house…and I totally spaced that Monday was Monday and did not homeschool Jackson so I sent him to school on Tuesday with absolutely nothing done. Annnnd I am pretty sure I forgot to babysit my friends kid yesterday but she has been sweet enough to not confirm this…sharing this, ya know…in case you were thinking I was holding it alllllll together 🙂 so add a few things to your prayer 🙂

I know you will continue to pray and we are counting on it…but instead of praying for Baby Boy Buck 🙂 or BBB as some of you call him 🙂 We have decided to name him Caleb James.

One of the greatest, but most overlooked, characters of the Old Testament is Caleb.  He dwells in the shadow of Joshua but Caleb, however, has his day in the limelight, as he inspires Israel to fight the good fight of faith and not shrink from a mountain of adversity.

He is known for his optimism and courage.  The steadfastness of Caleb’s commitment to God during very troubling years is a great testament to the character of the man. Caleb never faltered in his confidence in God’s ability to fulfill what He had promised. Because of his great faith, Caleb was blessed.

We chose James to honor a very special man in our lives (and his family).  Since the age of 10…he has given me an example of what a Godly, family-centered man and amazing father looks like-I grew up wanting that.  Whatever that was that his family had…I knew I wanted that.  Because of his amazing example I spotted my own great guy when I saw him. I am lucky to be married to a Godly, family-centered man who is filllllllled with courage-especially at a time like this. No doubt….never a doubt…that God put Jim and his family in my life as one of my greatest blessings.


One Comment on “Thank You”

  1. Heidi Hollenbach says:

    So glad to know that your heart is at peace. God WILL provide for you the strength and faith you need to care for little Caleb until you find out more. I love the name Caleb James. We chose James as a middle name for Aiden, since our baby book said it meant “dependable”. We thought it was a good complement to Aiden, which means “firey”–we got that name right! We will pray, even now, for God to begin preparing Caleb’s heart to receive his Word, that he would have a long life, devoted to loving his family and following God. I love you so much and shed tears for you last night…I am so thankful that you are a child of God and can lean on your Heavenly Father during this time of uncertainty! Glad I found your blog! In His Peace, Heidi

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