Another Pintrest “Interest”….

If you know me at all it will take you one guess as to how my hair looks right now. Yep, in some sort of knot concoction on the back of my head!

I’ve tried to roll brush it…nope.

I’ve tried to curl it…nope.

It sucks.

I broke down awhile ago and bought a PYT iron for like a hundred dollars and although  it works okay-it takes forever.  This girl doesn’t have that kind of tiiiiiime.  That would take away from Pintrest time 🙂 haha.

Anyway-I came across the “Sock Bun Curls” and had to try!  Actually, I asked my neighbor to try it…and a friend…and they did so then I decided I should give it a shot.  It worked!!

Now, I should say that I did this on a whim and since I couldn’t find where Ally or Mike “hid” the comb…I didn’t comb it before I did it. I did this at 10:00 last night too.  When I do it the right way…I will wash my hair, comb it, let it air dry ’til damp, comb it again and then do it before I go to bed.

Here is a video on how to do it but the jest of it…take a dress sock (thanks honey for having some of those…hope you don’t mind ;)), cut off the toe (really hope you don’t mind), roll it tight-into a donut like roll.  Put your liiiiiightly damp hair (needs to be able to dry overnight) in a loose ponytail on the top of your head.  Pull pony through donut and take the donut to the very tip of the pony.  Wrap hair around donut and then begin rolling hair with donut all the way down to the top of your head.  You will  have a bun on your head.  Even that looks cute <—–remember the source of that opinion before sporting it out in public 🙂

Go to bed. Or wait like 8 hours…

When you wake up take it out 🙂 and voila!  Don’t thank me…thank Pintrest and my family who is now being neglected thanks to Pintrest 🙂

So although none of these pics do it full justice…I had to show you that it even curled MY hair!!

Then you take it out of the ponytail and I had this…

So then since I didn’t comb my hair before I did it…I figured I should comb it afterward….certain it would go strait…

This is what I got:

And then a little while later it bounced back even more from being combed out and looks like even better.  So if you start off with more workable, maneageable hair than me…then I bet your results will be even better!

The joy…it’s a total timesaver in the morning and you’ll look fabulous.  I need a heck of a lot more than good hair to look fabulous but I bet you will 🙂


One Comment on “Another Pintrest “Interest”….”

  1. Kimberly says:

    You crack me up, girl! It looks great!! Totally trying this! Love ya!!

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