If You Teach a Man to Fish…

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” 

When I think of giving…I want to “feed a man for a lifetime” and there are some great organizations out there that are “teaching people to fish”.

When you think of giving this holiday season…here are a couple of organizations that not only do just that but they also make a really cool product for  you to give another as a gift.  It really is the “gift that keeps on giving!”

I LOVE this hat

and what makes it even better…Krochet Kids (in short) teaches the people of Africa and now Peru to krochet.  They make all the hats sold on the website for a FAIR wage.  Your hat comes signed by the woman who made it and  infomration on how to write her.  It gives them the ability to provide for their families and better their community using their own skill and ability.  You HAVE to read their story, but their motto “Buy a Hat Change a Life” is just what you’re doing.

Check out these scarves!! $10.00!!! Makes a perfect gift (I know! I have one :)!)

The Forgotten Foundation is selling these scarves (they have bags too) made in Thailand.  The Forgotten Foundation dedicates itself to assisting Burmese refugees in renting land in Thailand and teaching them to farm and sustain it; providing not only  food, but a way of life for themselves. Great people.  Great organization to support!

*There are a very limited supply of these scarves and they will not have more until their next trip to Thailand after the holidays*

The absolute greatest gift you can give someone is to teach them.  Education. Literacy.  The organization near and dear to me, Rise International builds schools…well a lot more, actually.  They teach…they empower…they love and through all of that…they truly change lives and rebuild communities “one child, one classroom, one school at a time.” More than 100 schools have been built, providing education to more than 70,000 students!!!  When you think of giving this season…please think of them. There are many unique ways to give in honor of someone you love and you can see just how far your money goes in the lives of these children.   This organization is founded by dear friends of mine and I’ve had the privilege over the years to hear about and see through their pictures and stories, the incredible difference we can make.

Annnnnnnd Tom’s (ya know those super cool and uber trendy 🙂 shoes) just partnered with them!! Tom’s is awesome in itself because for every pair of (awesome (check out the wedges! I get sooooo many compliments on mine!!) shoes you buy…they provide a pair for a child in need.   So you can support Rise indirectly and sport a lovely new pair of shoes!!  Or if some new aviators (or other sunglass wear) is on your list (ahem! I would like the gold classic 301’s :)) check out their selection.  For every eyewear purchase you make….Tom’s provides an eye exam and glasses to someone in need.  Tom’s helps those in need in this country and others.

These organizations are truly doing remarkable things and I hope 2012 is one of their best years ever.  God bless you and yours this Christmas season.




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