Go Lions…Go!!

Today was Game Day #1

The Lions against the Panthers!!!

and the first thing I said was “Oh…the Panthers are sort of serious…”


“RUN!!!!” No!!!!….the other way!!!! 🙂

Let’s  try this again…

Hey, if you can’t get their flag…go for the shoe!

My boy’s got the ball again…although, in retrospect, that may have been just to keep him from running…the wrong way 🙂

I guess this is one of the reasons they pray before the game….”Lord, help us” 🙂

Coach Buck is going to have his work cut out for him but for once I am grateful for all the Saturday’s devoted to Buckeye football because he sure seems to know what he’s doing…(and looks cute doing it :))

As for Little Miss Ponytails…well, she’s fast…really fast and we may have to rethink what we’ve taught Jackson on how to treat a girl….TAKE HER DOWN 🙂 juuust kidding

The Panthers were great and well, we need a little lot of work.  But honeslty, I have never seen so much heart and enthusiasm in any bunch of kids like I did in the Lions!

I am so excited for this team and to watch these boys grow into a true team!!

Plus…we’ve got a little somethin’ extra special…

The. Cutest. Dang. Mascot. Ever!!

Good game guys!!!

I have never, ever loved football so much until now!!

Let’s celebrate!!

52 slices

8 boys

all gone

Gooooo Lions!! This is going to be an awesome season!!!

We’re ready (well, now we are :)) for some foooooooooootball!!!!!!!!


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