So Then There Was Only One Thing Left To Do….

Have a Back-To-School party!

We invited the whole class over (and all but 3 were able to come!!) + their parents + their siblings….and I don’t know if you know this but home schoolers (and apparently part-time home schoolers) have a lot of kids…hahaha<—-more on that later…

It was a GREAT turnout and so nice to get to know Jackson’s friends/classmates and their families!!  Wonderful, wonderful people and…it turns out…they didn’t seem crazy, either 🙂

We threw on some hot dogs and everyone  brought a dish to share

we had sno cones

and sprawled everyone out in the backyard to watch a movie under the stars.

So….here are a few more pics, just in case you are not sick of seeing the traditional Buck Party Photos of kids twirling on the tire swing,

and bouncing on the trampoline…


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