Home School, Boarding School or Straight to OSU to Play Football?!?

Jackson’s 1st week of school was great!   He was excited and ready and it went really, really well!! We were all especially happy Mike was home and able to do this with us!

annnnnd can you believe I did not cry?!?  Nope.  I didn’t.  Well I got a little weepy as I said a prayer for  him and fed him his favorite breakfast

and packed his lunch with a little note-

but if we’re talking the actual drop-off and good-byes…nope…no tears!!

I emphasize this because I was hoping it meant I was finally on my way to emotional stability.  HA! I quickly found out that is not the case…keep reading…

It’s kinda like God knew I was going to need every single tear in my ducts for the homeschool day!

I was so excited for this new “hat”.  I mean c’mon…I’d been “teaching” him all along, right?!?  I figured I’d deck out the playroom and make it super cute (Mike did it so I can say it’s cute :)) and he’d be my little student and I’d play teacher and it would be great.

Me:  “Jackson, have a seat right here and we are going to…”

Jackson:  placed his hands over his ears and yelled “lalalalalala”

remember those tears??…here they come…and if I had the computer in the room with me…I’d have been googling boarding schools!!

He would not take it seriously…at all!  And I immediatly felt like I wasn’t cut out for this.  Remember how I said I used to think homeschoolers were crazy?  Now I KNOW they are! And if they don’t start off crazy-their kids will drive them crazy 🙂 Well, for the 1st week anyway 🙂 It just really did not go well.  So I quickly thought…I have to make this more fun…entertaining I guess…I was teaching him horizontal and vertical.  I said: “You say ‘vertical’ and mommy will stand up straight.  You say ‘horizontal’ and mommy will fall to the floor and lay down”…he got a kick out of me flopping to the floor and then bouncing up straight everytime he shouted an order, until of course he realized he was having fun and then he stopped.

In order to count syllables-I grabbed some popcicles and we took a walk outside calling out the number of syllables in everything we saw.  It took all of about a minute for him to have that down…pat!  I was feeling successful…for a second.

Then he needed a little work on writing the number 3.  I got out the paper and asked him to practice.  I tried all the techniques I have learned and no. go.  Then he said…”Mom, if I make all my number 3’s will you make 3 farting noises?”  and…




what have I become?

crazy is the word you are looking for.

well….here’s to next week and prayer that I will have better luck then. I remain hopeful and, thanks to many who have done this or something like it before…I am encouraged.

Theeeeeeeeeen there was football evaluations and I am pretty sure…if I could read his mind…he was thinking…






One Comment on “Home School, Boarding School or Straight to OSU to Play Football?!?”

  1. Tammy Young says:

    Scholarship here he comes!!! Hang in there, I know you can do it.

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