Mission: Accomplished

It’s hard to believe we went from this….
To this…

Oh wait…no it’s not.  It felt like he was gone for just as long as he was…all.summer.long. But…only 7 days left!!

He left just days before Jackson’s preschool graduation (but we partied anyway :))

And, if all goes according to plan…he will be home 2 days before his 1st day of Kindergarten (and I am sooooooooo thankful for that!)

He also missed the major event of the summer (ha!) my big 3-3 🙂 woot! but my kids made it special and so did some very dear friends and neighbors.

That is one tasty mud pie with some bean pod candles! Awesome!

The kids were looking forward to summer so we could go to Cliff’s Amusement Park. They wanted to go sooooooo bad but since they both have to ride with an adult…I couldn’t take them myself.  So when Mike’s dad and his wife came into town and said that they just wanted to create special memories for the kids and asked what we’d like to do…we yelled “CLIFF’S!!!”

We had such a wonderful time and if “special memories” was the goal….

Mission: Accomplished!

But…even if you have a stellar little helper like this

when your hubby is gone, Murphy’s Law says “What can go wrong, will go wrong”

Like…Home Depot not returning to finish your floors-leaving your only downstairs bathroom out of commission.  But God has blessed me with some AMAZING friends and instead of having that downstair bathroom out of commission any longer…he came and laid tile for me and put it all back together again.

Then, the sprinkler system was not working properly and I also noticed a sprinkler head was broke and another not doing its job…and the grass was dying…rapidly! These things are just not my forte but I decided to dig through the tool box and remembered a little “tool” I bought when I learned he was leaving…ya know because I thought opening jars was going to be the toughest thing I’d have to do on my own. 

and…it worked. We were running through sprinklers in no time.

and the grass in the front yard now looks better than it did when we moved in! (if I do say so myself…yep, I’m braggin’!)

The backyard…well….that’s a different story…

The “pool” filter busted and water started spewing everwhere! Everywhere! …oh you think that’s an exaggeration??

But, we called over some friends and “Buck Lake” turned into one of the best days of the summer!

Although all 90 somethin’ days were filled with many, many blessings and sweet memories with several visitors..more days than not my house looked like this

my kids looked like this…

and I sort of wanted to do this to myself…yep, hang myself from the mini blinds 🙂

There were seriously some days that I didn’t know how all THREE of us were going to survive this. Somedays were a lot harder than others…on all of us.  My only goal (sometimes joking…sometimes a little more serious) was to keep us alive and do it with grace 🙂

So-with only 7 days left…as long as I remove the “grace” part…I think I can safely say Mission: Accomplished!

Just don’t say “Oh that went fast!” 😉


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