For Freedom

There was something about Mike being gone over Memorial Day that deepened my awareness for the reason we “celebrate” that day and, as usual, my children are the product of my enthusiasm

When your spouse is gone-for any length of time, for any reason…there is nothing  better or more important than having friends that make you feel like family.

Obbbbbbviously Memorial Day is more than hot dogs, hamburgers, corn on the cob, grape soda and Rice Krispie treats covered in red, white and blue sprinkles…

So. Much. More.

and I was determined to teach my kids about it!

Mike was able to come home for the long 4th of July weekend and we were beyond thrilled!! But we also had to say good-bye on the 4th of July and take him back to the airport.

and so I thought it would be a good idea to take the kids to the VA Hospital after we dropped him off to meet some of many others who have had to leave their family, say good-bye to their kids and loved their country and remember what we sacrifice for.

We made 48 cupcakes…well, not just any cupcakes…

and (thanks to the nurses) were able to go into every single room on 2 floors and personally thank 43 veterans.  As I write this I am crying as I remember the two men that were speechless from their outpouring of tears simply from being thanked….for being…remembered.

Our freedom is. not.  free.  I don’t dare to try and articulate what was done for this country by the sacrifices and vision our forefathers had and the courage and bravery, passion and love those who are still protecting it have.

“Our country was born on unique courage and valor and built on unique principles and ideas. I thank the Lord for our freedom and the ability it gives us to worship God and proclaim the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ”

You know my beliefs…that our true freedom is in Christ.  However, we are FREE to believe what we want.  Free to worship who/what we want…or not and there are people to thank…people to remember for that.

As for me…I now look at the smaaaaaaaaall sacrifices my family makes as one of the greatest privileges and honors I will ever have…

For the blanket our military provides us…the blanket of freedom that allows us to sleep in peace at night

Supporting our troops is not a political statement.  It doesn’t mean you agree with the politics-it doesn’t make you Republican or Democrat…for war or against it…it means that you had a choice…to stand in front of them…or beside them and instead you thanked them and chose to stand behind them.  


One Comment on “For Freedom”

  1. Tammy Young says:

    Love, love, love!

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