Sugarplum Visions

Vegas Baby!!  Wait!  That doesn’t sound right….hmmm…ah, yes…I remember….Vegas Aint No Place for Babies! 🙂 That’s it!

Hey-I tried….again.  I always have these grossly optimistic ideas of things to do with the kids-especially when Mike is gone and the “I can do anything because I have to” adrenaline kicks in and then I sprinkle it with a “how can I make it even harder on myself?”  So this time…Vegas came to mind. Plus…I’d get to go through Flagstaff on the way there and back and see my sister and her baby, Riley.  We’d take the kids to the outdoor, live music on the lawn one evening and then to the AquaPlex and park the next day!  We’d have a great time!!

I had sugar plum visions of my kids in awe of the volcano erupting at the Mirage

and pictured them totally mesmerized by the Bellagio water show

I was looking forward to seeing my Grandma and spending time with my Uncle-both whom Ally had never met.
I decided if we stayed at Mandalay Bay the kids would have so much fun at the Lazy River and Beach

and then we would go to the Aquarium and Shark Reef and oh-boy-oh-boy it would be sooooo much fun!!!

And ohhhhhhhh how fun will it be to snuggle up in the same room, jump on the beds and order room service!!!
Mandalay Bay is also home to The Lion King show and I envisioned the kids being enamored, taken aback and wildly entertained.  I borrowed the DVD from a friend so they could watch it along the way of the road trip and totally understand the show!
and then we could go to the M&M Store and make our own M&M’s…c’mon…who says Vegas isn’t for kids?!?
And we did all of that and  had a wonderful time in Flagstaff.  I really wish I had my camera for the live music because all the kids danced and twirled around to some good ol’ hippie music! Mike would have died!!!
But the truth is that Vegas just isn’t a place for babies.  No matter how “kid friendly” I tried to make it…the place is insane.
Let’s just say The Strip is not conducive to a double jogger.  It was a mob scene and you literally have to run people over to get anywhere only to watch a 5 min. water show or volcano erput (both of which were totally awesome though!)
The pool was packed and all the lounge chairs were taken.  I attempted to wait in line, to bite another money bullet and get a “reserved” spot so we could at least sit…and as I walked up to line…in the blink of an eye, Ally was gone.  Just.  Like.  That.  Gone!
I found her in a split second but she was lost.  I knew it and she knew it. It scared me half to death and when you tell your husband that taking the kids to Vegas by yourself is a good idea…the last thing you can do is call him and say you lost one of your kids!!
But-how can you expect 2 kids to hold your hand, in the hot, hot sun while we stand in line waiting while a beautiful, sparkling pool dances in front of them.  It was torture.  I gave up and just sat on the concrete until someone left and we snatched up their seats…then some fun began.  Well…until 30 seconds later and Jackson said “I have to go potty”.  Oh yes I did…I said “Jackson, go pee in the pool!”
At the aquarium…Ally freaked out at the glass tiles and wouldn’t walk over them…So I had to carry her, the camera, the pool bag and hold Jackson’s hand…and then she said “I have to go peeeeeeee!”
My kids were not impressed with their over-priced french toast (I was!!!) and I had to resort to the “eat-your-breakfast-or we-will-go-nowhere!” threat.
The previous guests of our room left our alarm clock set for 3:30am!  That was hilarious!! Insert a ton of sarcasm there!! And now that we have arrived home-I see that Mandalay charged me for every single item in the mini bar snack cabinet…including but not limited to the “Love Making Kit” and martini shaker.  In case you were unsure…I didn’t use either!
And then there was the Lion King.  Well-let’s just chalk that one up to stupidity.  About 1/4 way through the breathtaking performance that nearly brought tears to my eyes…the “I have to go potty” and “this isn’t the Lion King, Moooooooom” and “can’t we go watch the volcano again” began…
Come intermission I overheard a lady say “who in their right mind brings kids to the theatre?”  Luckily she wasn’t talking about me but it certainly applied.  I looked around and noticed there were very few kids and based on the performance and production…It dawned on me that Disney was just the trademark…NOT an invitation for kids. I figured the price was steep because it was Vegas not because it was real “theatre” but it was real theatre.  So, out of consideration of all the others who came and spent good money for the experience and for my sanity…I decided to leave.
I got the kids to bed and the next morning high-tailed it out of Vegas after schleppin’ them through the casino one more time and one more stop at Gramma Jamma’s for a good-bye hug and kiss!
I love Vegas…always have.  It has so much to offer…adults!  I can’t wait to go back and enjoy everything with Mike.  I can’t say we’ll be back with the kids 🙂
In the meantime we’ll stick to our old stompin’ grounds and do “fun” how we know best…right here in the backyard of home sweet home!

One Comment on “Sugarplum Visions”

  1. Tammy Young says:

    Even the not so good experiences are the best when your kids are involved. Great pictures!

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