Ally’s Fiesta

Even if your baby girl is a towhead with bright, blue eyes…if she is born on Cinco de Mayo…fiessssssssta is in her blood!  Ohhhhhhhh no…nevermind…fiesta is in her blood because she is my girl!! Either way…we threw down a fiesta!  In case you want to have one of your own…Here is a list of ingredients we found helpful:

  1. Fiesta Décor- the more the better…confetti a must!
  2. Fiesta Music-Anything that includes La Bamba will do
  3. Lots of friends who are down to party! Trampoline and tire swing optional.
  4. A “walking taco” bar:  Open individual bag of Doritos and insert customary taco toppings.  Smash, shake, do the Macarena…whatever…just mix it all up in that bag and eat your “taco” with a spoon
  5. Lemonitas!! Or some would call that lemonade in a margarita glass.

6.  Sombreros-a must to play “Hot Sombrero”

7.  A Piñata.

Start with the girls…

and then throw in the testosterone 🙂 ‘at gets ‘er done

8.  A cake with plenty of food coloring and Mexican flags

9.  The prettiest three-year old in the world

10..A mommy that loves her so so much


my words could not tell, not even in part
Of the debt of love that is owed
By this thankful heart

Click this link  to view the album of pictures on Shutterfly


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