I think it is odd that I have so much to say about our recent visit to Chuck-E-Cheese but I do!

First of all, I love that place!  Usually my friend Cora and I go alone and take the kids.  We have great conversation while our kids play.  The pizza is like a gourd in your stomach but we always manage to eat it all and have so much fun there.  Cora and I are addicted to a few games ourselves! And-Jackson already knows how to put the money in by himself!! As you’ll see by the pics, Mike taught Ally how to do it this time too!

This visit stirred up one of the proudest, most joyful memories of motherhood for me.  As Ally entered into one of these play structures:

she whimpered because she could not hoist herself up those three tiers that you have to climb up to get to the tubes that take you to the slide (any McDonald’s playland goers know just what I am talking about).  Well…rewind 2 years and as Jackson and I ate at McDonald’s Playland, he gave me the same whimper.  He just couldn’t hoist himself up.  However…I was EIGHT months pregnant with Ally! But I couldn’t resist the sweet little face and oh you could just see the neeeeeed in his face to get up there.  Sooooo, I crawled in there-big ol’ belly and all-and hoisted him up the three tiers so he could discover the top of Playland!  I will NEVER forget the look on his face the day he did it on his own. He turned to me,**beaming** with a look that said “I did it Mom! Thanks!” I cried right there in Playland-unable to recall a time I felt more proud!

So-it was pretty sentimental to re-experience this with Ally-this time, not pregnant! Between her curiosity to explore the top of the play structure, her quickness at learning how to put the money in the games and how she led the other girls right up the ski ball to show ’em how it’s done… I just know the day is coming too soon when she will make it to the top of the play structure without me.  On this day I was soooooo happy to be in it again-hoisting her up!!

Mike had a great time too.  I caught him playing the game “for” Jackson instead of “with” him.  But he’s an ‘ol pro at the Chuck games now and needs no assistance-well maybe a little…

And I will admit-I was one of those people, opposed to video games-especially ones with guns! Look at me now…Thanks, Chuck!

Ally adooooooooores her Daddy and I caught this picture of her looking at him and it melted me!

But, then Ally started saying her tummy hurt.  I wonder why?

But sadly it wasn’t from the food, or how much she ate, (this was actually the only bite she took!) moments later she threw up all over her beloved Daddy and managed to reach Jackson’s hair too! YUCK! So we had to end the festivities and head home.

 After 24 hours of a fever and a warm, snuggly Ally she seems so be on the up and up and we’ve been enjoying the rest of the weekend. 

Thanks for a great day at Chuck E Cheese, Cora and happy, happy birthday Willa! We love having you as friends!


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